planetsThe Planets and Celestial Bodies

Just as the Sun is the center of our solar system, it signifies the core of an individual. This is the main concern of a person and shows a powerful character who is able to stand up for themselves.

Emotional aspects, imagination and the overall tone of a person’s feelings come from the Moon. As it affects the tides here on Earth, the Moon also affects the sense of timing and rhythm, versatility and ability to change.

Everything rational and reasonable stems from Mercury. People whose horoscopes feature this planet may have something to do with learning, evaluation, organization and the written or spoken word.

As the name of the planet mimics the goddess of love from ancient lore, the planet brings beauty, pleasure, harmony, sensuality and eroticism into our lives.

The old god of war personified in Mars represents not only aggression, but positive traits such as courage, spontaneity, high energy and motivation in a person. It shows a person is ready to take on challenges with real action.

The largest planet indicates a strong sense of purpose in an individual. Justice, optimism and faith are also represented. People who have Jupiter figure prominently in their horoscope often yearn for greater growth as a person both mentally and spiritually.

This large, ringed planet indicates a person’s attitude toward being met with reality, rules and things that challenge our conscience. It shows how powerful a person’s concentration and endurance are and gives caution and forthrightness to people.

The planet of inspiration lends itself to assist with precise intuition and inspiration. Its astrological influence can either be slightly negative, manifesting as a contrariness, or a more positive open-minded attitude toward new and unusual things.

Neptune is the mystic’s planet, and helps reveal supersensory or paranormal experiences. People must be careful to be able to discern where what they perceive is true and not a trick of the eye or mind. Illusion is in the realm of Neptune, as are psychotropic drugs and false realities.

The coldest planet in the solar system shows how personal and impersonal power is dealt with. It indicates both how we use our own power, against perhaps demonic or magical forces, and how we perceive power over others. Pluto deals with death and rebirth and the rebuilding of self over time.

While the usual planets, the sun and moon are always used by astrologers to create charts, some also take into account other celestial bodies. Chiron is perhaps most frequently used. Ceres, Juno, Vesta and Pallas, which are very large asteroids, are also taken into account in some cases. There exist several different varieties of astrology, categorized as schools, which use various heavenly objects. Some even use hypothetical planets that have no physical relation to any in existence.



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