Numbers in our daily life

NumbersSome people believe that their ‘good’ days are going on, while others believe that their ‘bad’ days are in play.  Such people would definitely want to be able to make the right choice so that they avoid the ‘bad’ days all together and use all the benefits that come with the ‘good’ days. When you check numerology, you will find the every day comes with a number attached to it. Each number vibrates in a certain way. This is comparable to the Life Path Number or the number of birth and the Number of the Name.

Number of the Name

Number 1 - Uniqueness, Freedom, Talent, Administrative, Leadership, and Revolution

Positive:  Action motivator, brave, creative ideas, a revolutionary spirit, powerful leadership skills, self-sufficient, unique style, self-organization, outstanding will and determination, drives to accomplishment, responsibility, brave.

Negative:  Very stubborn, egocentric, hasty, dominating, too self assured and aggressive, showing off.

Number 2 - Collaboration, Closeness, Kindliness, Harmony, and Assistance

Positive:  Decent diplomatic skills, influenced by spirituality, frank, modest, intermediary, reasonable judge, partnering, sensitive to the needs of associates, caring, flexible, assisting.

Negative:  Depression, dwells too much in the details, embarrassment, nervousness, coyness, shyness.

Number 3 - Self-Expression, Entertainment, Optimism, Imagination, and Friendliness

Positive: Can express oneself in many ways, imaginative, inspiring, artistic talents, verbosity, insights, precise impressions, fun-loving, always joyful, optimistic

Negative:  Selfishness, moodiness, have the habits of leaving projects in the middle, generally lack direction, overstatement, scattered powers.

Number 4 - Order and Coordination, Assistance, Hard Work, Practical, and Pragmatic

Positive:  Stable development, very practical, well-built sense of morals and order, ingenious, give attention to detail, have scientific mind orientation, know how to manage, foundation for achievement.

Negative:  Confused, too serious, sluggish sometimes, confrontational, stubborn – very much, get tangled up in details, not really imaginative.

Number 5 - Travel, Usage of Freedom, Creative, Variety, and Innovation

Positive: Action-oriented, imaginative and innovative, ambitious plans, bright, adaptable, promoting, inquiring and exploring, resourceful, can use independence very well.

Negative:  Can’t really apply ideas practically, very hasty when it comes to decision making, frustration, anxious speech and temperament, discontent, impatient.

Number 6 - Liability, Love, Compassionate, Comforting, Aiding, and Guiding

Positive:  Helpful, generous, humanitarian, love of domestic and home affairs, sympathetic, balanced, social, have a cool temper, artistic, notable responsibility.

Negative:  Extremely outspoken, can easily fall for flattery, sometimes become narcissistic, mulish, dominating, persistent, sanctimony, vanity, intrusive.

Number 7 - Analytic Skills, Thoughtful, Meditative, Truth-Seeking, and Spiritual

Positive:  Perfectionists, like to be at peace and alone, charismatic behavior and personality, meditating, bookish, inventive and technical, always seek knowledge, bright, amazing researchers and analysts.

Negative:  Have secret suspicions and motives, too silent, can be sarcastic, inflexible, distractions can upset them very easily, aloof, lonely.

Number 8 - Materialistic Approval, Achievement, Striving for Success, and Acknowledgment

Positive:  Politically talented, authoritative, decisive, exercising judgment, achieve recognition, work for foundation, can handle power and authority with ease, have superior decision-making ability.

Negative:  Workaholics, materialistic, stressed, impatient, dictators for subordinates, can’t really manage money properly, lack humanitarian instincts, overambitious.

Number 9 - Altruism, Humanitarianism, Likes to Give Rather Than to Take, and Sympathetic

Positive:  Artistic talents, have writing talents, always ready to get involved in good work, imaginative, altruistic, believe in giving more than taking, have great humanitarian instincts, hail-fellows, charming, extremely friendly, sincere.

Negative:  Irritable, looking for attention from peers, self-adulation, scattered interests, can get possessed easily, very careless when it comes to investments.

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