Heart's desire number

Hearts-numberEvery heart has desires. Your heart’s desire comes from the vowels present in your full name at birth. While consonants are harder, vowels have a softer sound. They are more flowing. Thus, the vowels in your name will help you reveal the softer side of you such as your tenderness, your love, your vulnerability, your care, and so on. The consonants on the other hand will reveal harder sides of you, which you actually use to protect your vulnerability. Through consonants, who you are as a person is revealed. They reveal a lot about what you want the world to look at you as.

The western alphabet has 5 vowels. They are A, E, I, O, and U. Every other letter is considered to be a consonant. However, you should note that under some circumstances even Y is considered as a vowel. While determining whether to look at Y as a consonant or a vowel, you should follow some basic rules:

The letter to be considered as a vowel will sound like one. You can easily guess that it is a vowel. In some cases, Y has the vowel sound. Mostly, Y is the only vowel in the syllable. You will be able to make it out pretty easily.

The meaning of the heart's desire number

Your inner nature will tell you what motivates you and what your true reflection is. It will also tell you what your underlying urge is. This is your heart’s desire number. Through your heart’s desire number, you will know what the main intention behind your actions actually is. When you know this, a number of things will change in your life. You will be more careful about the choices you make. There are core numbers that represent your heart’s desires. The core numbers include Expression, Life Path, Personality, and the Day you were born. Every point is directed towards a particular aspect of your life.

Abilities and talents may be revealed from your Expression Number. The reason why you have entered this world is to learn a very important lesson. This is your life path. Your life path and your birthday are closely connected. Your birthday reveals your talents. The knowledge of these talents will help you disclose your life path. The way you showcase yourself is the way people will see you. It is up to you to project your characteristics for the world to see.

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