Personality number

personalityThe consonants present in your full name will tell you about your personality number. Your personality number is nothing but your true nature. You can compare this to a narrow hall of a huge room. The narrow hall holds your true nature. These aspects will help you share people whom you are not in a relationship with.

You will be comfortable when it comes to sharing people with others. With time, you will be become more trusting and you will invite others to know what your deeper aspects are. This will reveal the deepest secrets of your personality such as what your heart actually desires.

The personality number will play the role of a censoring device and will help you filter out what comes to you and what you send out. It will make sure that not everything enters your mind and heart. It will discriminate in your favor so that you are not disturbed by those who may mean harm to you.

You could call this lucky or you could call this unlucky but this attribute of yours will help people decide things about you. They will come to a first impression about you through this. Some people may be intrigued while others may not even be interested.

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