Special Letters of Your Name


The Cornerstone

If you want to decipher your name with the help of Numerology, it is very important to understand that every letter of your letter has a number assigned to it. The position of this letter symbolizes the type of energy it irradiates and the numerological meaning it possesses. Here we will consider the letters and their numerological meaning apart from numbers and their direct readings.

The Cornerstone is the first thing. It is a starting letter of your name. It opens some general information about who you are as a person and can reveal a lot of details about the obstacles and opportunities in your life. Cornerstone shows the way you react on the problems and chances that occur in your life.


The Capstone

The Capstone means the last letter of your first name. It shows the ability to see the result of your undertakings from the very beginning. The Capstone and the Cornerstone are the letters that create the frame of your name. They depict how you cope with problems, look for inspiration and make things happen. Also, it is important that these letters symbolize how easy it is for you to begin and to finish the events or projects in your life.


First Vowel

The first vowel in your name opens your essence. It is assigned to your insights, to the truth that is inside you and nobody knows it, it is very intimate revelation of yours. This letter provides an image of this side of you. This letter encloses a mystery to the others, because only you know your inner motivation, the truth about your impulses. Only the narrowest circle of people might know these facts about you, if you let them. The first vowel illustrates the part of 'real' you.

You may have heard about people who change their names or versions of their names so the first vowel is changed. It indicates that they are not satisfied with who they are, and want to be somebody else.

You can find here an alphabetically ordered letters and their meanings in order for you to find the Capstone, Cornerstone, and the First Vowel. To learn the deeper meaning of your own name, you will need these three letter-characteristics. Let's take the name Anna as an example. Letter 'A' will be the Cornerstone letter, Capstone and First vowel in this case. This Cornerstone says that she is enthusiastic about everything new. The Capstone says that she is active and motivated person who sees the whole picture of the projects. First vowel 'A' letter indicates that she can be creative, but is rather shy.

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