planet, JupiterJupiter is the largest planet of the solar system and first of collectible planets. In order to follow its full path through Zodiac, Jupiter needs a month less than 12 years. 1 year is a time of Jupiter's visit to each sign.

The element of Jupiter is air. The essence of Jupiter is heat and steam. It governs Sagittarius and shares Pisces with Neptune, reaching its culmination in Cancer. In this case, the element of the planet should not be taken for the element of thee signs, because Pisces and Sagittarius are not of air element. Hormones and lower limbs of our body are associated with Jupiter.

Jupiter is easily manifested by its giant size, so it represents people in power, with influence, judges, academics, great doctors, religious representatives etc. The age of Jupiter's influence starts from 55 and ends by the age of 70. The temperament of this planet is sanguine.

Jupiter is emotional, energetic, primary by character. It depicts very extraverted and active person, not so aggressive or violent in power as Mars, but pretty determined.

Jupiter is a planet of wealth, comfort, prosperity, and independence. It also shows the way person uses the chances that life gives and how a person reacts on the gifts from fate. The time of prosperity begins under Jupiter's influence.

Jupiter is often called a success mark that brings wealth and abundance of conveniences that are available in life. If Jupiter is manifested negatively a person may become greedy, arrogant, spoiled, mean, empty rhetoric, snobbish, and can tend to exaggeration of everything from good things to creating a real drama out of nowhere.

If Jupiter is a dominant planet, the person is benevolent, talkative, active and supportive. It often represents famous people, politics, major figures in social life as lawyers or priests.

Jupiter opens the age that only starts the aging and the person is ready to explore the world and spend all the wealth gained. It is a perfect period for resting and doing things that you always wanted to do but had no time.


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