planet, MarsThe red planet takes the route through the Zodiac approximately in 585 days. It visits every Sun sign for 2 months in average, though sometimes depending on its cycle Mars can stop in one sign for half a year. Mars moves for 0.5° on a daily basis.

The element that is under the Mars guidance is fire. The signs that are influenced by Aries for the most are Aries and it peaks in Capricorn. It is associated with muscular activity and milt.

Mars usually patronizes army, sportsmen, soldiers, fighters, surgeons, steelmakers and so on. The age of Mars starts from 42 to 58 years. The temperament that is usual for Mars people is rather nervous and choleric. Martians have emotional, energetic and primary character.

Mars is characterized by its passion, sometimes it exceeds the borders. Mars is always ready to be in charge, to be useful and helpful and to use power. It symbolizes courage, energy, strength, rage, obstinacy and determination. Mars is ready to any undertakings, it has progressive and adventure-seeking state of mind. However, a negatively manifested Mars can become violent, aggressive and despotic person who is always right no matter what the truth really is.

Mars provides the knowledge how to handle things and affairs properly and how to go through dark times in life successfully. It is also associated with great physical shape as well as passion and sexual desire.

Mars is opposite to Venus, so accordingly its energy may be called as masculine. It is commonly believed that Mars attracts Venus and embodies the characteristics of an image of a perfect man for many heterosexual women. The Sun also has such type of energy, but Mars is more oriented on activity and physical power, than the Sun, oriented on the power and achievements.

Mars is related to 40-50 years of a human life, when people are mature and confident in what they want and able to accomplish it, understanding the efforts needed.


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