planet, MercuryMercury's cycle is approximately 88 days. Generally, one day movement of the Mercury is about 1°, pretty the same as with the Sun's movement. If we take a look at the Mercury from the Earth, we can admit that Mercury keeps no more distant than 28° from the Sun.

Mercury rules the Earth element. As a rule, people like these are distant and silent. Mercury governs Gemini and Virgo, being at its peak particularly in Virgo. Mercury is associated with upper limbs and nervous condition. Mercury is believed to be a planet ruler of lawyers, sellers, and managers. Mercury dominates the teenage period from 12 to 18 years. People under the influence of Mercury are uneasy by the temperament.

They can be sensitive, calm, primary or insensitive and energetic, primary. But such person's main characteristic is nervousness. Mercury is associated with mind and intelligence, thinking, progress and studying success. Mercury is a planet of communication and trade. In ancient mythology Mercury was a gods' messenger.

If the Mercury is a governing planet, it gifts with critical thinking and nervousness (unfortunately). In the worst cases the person under the influence of Mercury may become cold, sharp, insensitive and lying person. Mercury symbolizes the domination of the intelligence over emotions and feelings.

Mercury has no gender implied characteristics. It is absolutely neutral and is subordinated by the Sun. It means that Mercury people are often guided or controlled by power or self-confidence of others. Mercury might be connected with brothers and sisters, intellectual friendship and highly intelligent criminals.

Mercury's culmination happens right before the adolescence, when a person is curious enough and searches the answers on the existential questions, when new acquaintances are found and life only begins to give lessons.


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