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Moon's Zodiac Path

The Moon in astrological meaning shows a certain part in the sky that is visible from our Earth. We are capable to watch how the Moon moves from one sector to another one. It is believed by the astrologists that it does significant impact on our life just like the Sun. It is required to watch all of its powers.

Influence of the Moon

Thanks to the near vicinity of the Moon to our planet, the gravity energy is very strong and so, that energy make it the second mightiest planet after the Sun. When the Moon advances from one sign to another one, the astrologists can see the development of the human personality and its everyday behavior.

The importance of our affections

It is believed by the astrologists that the location of the Moon in the zodiac hierarchy shows the importance of our emotions and explains some reactions to definite life situations. This heaven body influences our creativity, the world of imagination and capability to draw other identities to us. Our mood, and focus on the things we do each day, are also affected by the Moon.

The meanings of the Moon signs

On its journey from one asterism to another one, the Moon alters itself, because it gets under the influence of the concrete zodiac sign in which it is at the moment.

The most popular application of the moon phase is the Moon diet. What will you achieve using moon diet plan?

Full moon purifies our organism as well as new moon does. We increase this effect by drinking liquids and fasting. Big quantity of fluids improves kidneys activity and, as a result, the organism excretes excess water. In such way the health becomes better and you lose about 6 lbs. As well water helps to flush out the toxins, which destroy our organism. Hereby you will not only lose your weight, but strengthen your body.

If you want to continue to lose your weight you may eat healthy after this 24h fasting. Eat more salads with olive oil and less salt. It is very good to eat meet (veal is the best) together with dark-green salads. First of all you fill full after such meals, and second thing is that Fe assimilation is very good from such combination of products. Avoid sugar in your meals. Try to eat low fat food. You'sll achieve better results if you add regular exercises to your schedule.

Pay your attention to the fact that fasting is not good longer than 24 h. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are contraindications for fasting.

After you complete your 24 h moon diet you'll feel renewed and will be inspired with your good look.



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