gardeningAstrology Moon Phase Gardening by John Harris

A famous English gardener, John Harris, has his own theory about using knowledge about phases of the moon in gardening. With the help of this method he increases the crop simultaneously reducing work in the garden. As well it helps to grow healthier food with good taste.

Mr.Harris was born during the Second World War. So, his childhood was not easy, he knew all hardships and poverty, serious insurmountable problems with health and death of close people. Seems he met all difficulties of life during his childhood. After death of his father he had to help his family with meals, that is why Harris cultivated the allotment at that time.

At the age of 11, John became a prentice of a vivid gardener, who taught him during long time. First John Harris found out about the ancient science of Moon Gardening exactly from his talented teacher. He learnt growing of different plants using the knowledge of moon phases. With time Harris became more experienced and knew more about gardening methods and influence of the moon on the gardening. The fruits and vegetables grown by him became number-one by taste and look.

About 20 years ago John Harris appeared in the Tresillian Estate. He came to the old abandoned garden surrounded by high walls, kitchen garden, which had aroused true love and calling of his life there. He became the Tresillian Head Gardener. Everything flourished there with his care. Harris had to start in Tresillian garden from a very beginning. First, he brought up the soil into necessary condition, made deep trench beds and planted the seeds. After hard work using all his knowledge about planting according Moon's phases, the garden of John Harris gave its prize-winning crop.

During his gardening activity John Harris made his own researches, he studied the influence of the phases of the moon to the plants growing. He found out numerous dependences and rules, he developed his own theory of growing with the help of lunar calendar supported by years of practice.



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