planet, NeptuneNeptune needs 168 years to go through the whole path of Zodiac. Every 14 years Neptune changes the sign. Its element is water. The essence of Neptune is flexible and moist. It governs Pisces and peaks in Cancer. It is associated with vegetative system.

It is a planet connected with eccentric people like magicians, dreamers, hysterical people, alcohol and drug addicts. The temperament of Neptune is tranquil and phlegmatic.

Neptune's character can be defined as emotional, passive, primary or secondary. It is sensitive, often chaotic in decisions and lifestyle.

Neptune is very apathetic, slow, unclear and vague, metaphorically hidden under the curtain. It symbolizes all mysterious and unknown, things we cannot understand or fully imagine. It is connected with mystics, religion, supernatural and inspiration.

Representatives of Neptune are harmless, dreamy, touchy, have their head in the clouds, and they only act to show independence and confidence that is artificial. They are very empathetic and atmosphere influences them a lot.

They love music and find peace in it. They understand others very well and feel the slightest changes in mood or behavior of somebody else. But, they can be annoying, whimsy, intolerant, gossiping, foolish and break down after every regret.

Unfortunately, Neptune provides greater possibility to become alcohol and drug addict, to fall into "artificial paradises" and suicidal thoughts. It leads to psychological illnesses, inability to live in a society, self-harm and obsessive disorders.


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