Types of Numerology

Numerology is an ancient system of combining numbers with people in order to reveal more about their lives, attitudes and inner selves. Many different cultures throughout history have used some form of this practice, which has been taught by ancient mathematicians and scholars.

While some view the Greeks and Romans as being the main practitioners of numerology, there is plenty of evidence that cultures from Japan, China, Egypt, Babylon and India already knew about and used these types of number systems.

The three main types of numerology include:

  • - Pythagorean
  • - Chaldean
  • - Kabbalah

In each, an individual’s personal number is calculated in a different way, which results in varied descriptions of their paths.


Pythagorean or Western Number System

This number system is the most frequently practices in numerology. It uses the order of western alphabet and the digits from 1 to 9 in correlation to the letters.


Chaldean Number System

The Chaldean system stems from ancient Babylonian methods and uses both numbers and letters like the Pythagorean system with two great differences. First, only the numbers 1 through 8 are used, as 9 is considered sacred and will not be used in calculations. It is possible for the number 9 to be the end result in these numerology equations however. Second, while the western method assigns numbers to letters based on position in the alphabet, the Chaldean number system assigns them based on the vibration of each letter.


Kabbalah System

This numerology type stems from ancient Hebrew mysticism of the Kabbalah. Its focus stays on the person’s full name and not the date or birth. There are 22 different vibrations assigned to the letters, with numbers from 1 to 400. It is not very widely used because of its lack of focus on the date of birth.




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