Origin of astrology

planets, space, manAstrology concentrates on the effect of divine bodies on every single individual. It has a fundamental part in creating of the personality and his or her future. Astrology seeks to show the talents and skills that were destined from the moment of birth and help person live with the wisdom of this knowledge.

Astrology uses the information collected since the time immemorial, introduces it in simple language for the benefit of a person. Progressions and transits in Astrology are the periods that influence human's life the most. They are the major ones. Astrology has lots of information to offer and everybody can extract profit out of it. Apart from reading Zodiac signs people can find the mission of their life that has been designed by the universe. Some of famous people who relied on Astrology in their life were Galileo, Kepler, Carl Jung, Copernicus and others. Astrology may be used to get a wider look at Astrology, because these sciences are neighboring.

The period when Astrology originated is near 2nd millennium BC - the époque of the Babylon. The first references lead us to that time, but it might be that this knowledge appeared long before. Later, it turned out that Babylonians weren't alone reading the sky. The predictions differed from country to country, but general meaning of the observations was similar.

Vedic Astrology owes its existence to a prominent wise man Sage Parashara, who researched Hindu and found a lot of similarities with astrology. In Egypt the Astrology developed during the 1st century BC right after it was occupied by Alexander. Greeks opened Babylonian astrology for themselves in the 4th century BC. The Egyptians mixed their type of astrology with a Babylonian one and it resulted in what we call today a Horoscope.



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