planet, PlutoPluto needs about 254 years to make full circle through the Zodiac, and the time of staying at one sign is unstable and varies from 12 years up to 30.

Its element is unknown. Pluto's essence is molten like lava. The sign ruled by Pluto is Scorpio, and it peaks in Pisces. Pluto is associated with sexual systems.

Pluto's representatives can become tyrant, violent, aggressive and powerful individuals. Pluto also represents unknown and incomprehensible forces.

The temperament of Pluto is choleric.

Pluto's character is emotional or unemotional, energetic, primary. It is hot and irritable.

Pluto is the newest among discovered planets and it is extremely slow, and scientists don't know the essence of its energy. It is a symbol of hidden sciences, fortune telling, occultism, secrets, dark matters and everything unknown.

Pluto is a signal of radical revolutions that are unfortunately inevitable. After its transit, a person feels fully renewed and changed, either in a good or in a bad way. Pluto controls our internal and hidden thoughts, our passions, our terrors, and our libido.

Plutonians are strange, deep, incomprehensible, attractive, because dangerous, energetic and they are always a mystery for people around. They intrigue and leave us guessing. However, they have a potential to become violent, aggressive, full of complexes and anger, perverse if Pluto is manifested negatively.


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