The Pythagoras matrix

matrix PythagorasSometimes called the Psycho Matrix, the Pythagoras Matrix is a system of numerology that is despite being quite new, has integrated hidden wisdom from the priests of ancient Egypt, knowledge of the philosophers of China and the insights of the Pythagoreans through the centuries.

Professor A. Alexandrov discovered this knowledge years ago from a small book describing secret wisdom of ancient Egypt along with the study of Pythagoras. He was inspired to seek further lost secrets of numerology and eventually developed a theory that he tested and found to be sound. The outcome of those studies would not have been possible without the field of differential mathematics. It is true that the study of mathematics brings order to the mind.

This new system of numerology has been shown incredibly accurate. Using nothing more than a person’s date of birth, it is possible to reveal fifty personality and character traits. Entrepreneurs are using the matrix to gain insight into their customers and competitors and managers are using it to help them select employees. Other individuals are using the system for a variety of reasons. It is provings its validity.

The system is based on Pythagorean Numerology, making synonymous the terms Pythagoras Square and Numerological Psychomatrix. However, it is vital to distinguish these ideas as they apply to different methods of numerology. Methods of calculating and interpreting the results of each can be quite different. Though they are both based on birth dates and are plotted on 3x3 grids, that’s about all they actually have in common.

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