planet, SaturnSaturn needs 29 years to go through a Zodiac and stays for 2, 5 years in each sign.

The element of Saturn is earth. Saturn's essence is freezing and dry. It governs such signs as Capricorn and shares Aquarius with Uranus, peaking in Libra. Saturn is associated with skeleton and epidermis.

It is a symbol of experience and knowledge, so it is often associated with wise men, scholars, teachers and mentors. The age of Saturn is old - from 70 years till death. Saturn has uneasy temperament. As for the character it is secondary, non-sensitive and calm or sensitive, calm and secondary. Saturn is often tranquil, nostalgic, non-ambitious and thoughtful. If Jupiter is associated with extension, Saturn is quite opposite and associated with shrinkage. Saturn is usually slow, strict, disciplined and limited in many things.

It brings problems that cannot be solved quickly and need a proper focus and approach. Where the Saturn appears, everything slows down or ruins. On the one hand, Saturn is considered to be destructive, so it doesn't try to be nice. On the other hand, it gives enough time and leaches people to think and time - is a cost of true wisdom. Saturn embodies the notion of wisdom and maturity.

If Saturn is a dominant planet, the person is oriented inwards, abandoned, calm, tranquil, serene, and apathetic. Such situation may look like heartlessness or indifference, but it is not correct. It shows the inability of a person to live full life externally, so everything is felt inside, and a person is too weak to show the full spectrum of emotions. However, it doesn't change the fact that the person may be really detrimental, clingy, egotistic and bad.

Saturn is a symbol of old people, experienced, and all who can make us go through and hardship such as religious representatives, medical practitioners, psychologists and so forth.


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