Sun Number

sun, numbersAs well as your zodiac sign that originates from your birthday and month, there is something like Sun Number in Numerology.

It is also based on your day and month of birth. According to the energy of your personal Sun Number, it can provide you with such information:

  • - show you an expanded image of yourself;
  • - show how endurable you are in times of trouble;
  • - help you understand other numbers in your Numerology chart that also influence longer periods of your life;
  • - reveal the information about the relationships you tend to have;
  • - open your relations with other Sun numbers that also have specific features.

Calculate your Sun Number

The Sun Number of yours is easy to calculate and it never changes. You need to make a sum of your day and month of birth and reduce the number to a single digit.

For instance if your birthday was Jan 21, add 1 (as the number of the Jan) and 21, it will be 22, then reduce it to 4 (as 2 + 2=4). If you were born November 12, make sum from 11 (for November) and 12, and it is 23. Reduce 23 by adding 2 and 3 so you can get the Sun Number 5.

Sun Number is your constant, it is a stable number that directs you and helps not to straggle.

Due to the active and flexible time we live in, we need something stable, so we can always count on it. Think of the Sun Number as the number that stands still while everything around is in action. It is a place where you can stay, it is your point of departure. The Sun Number also shows how you can cope with upcoming cycles and how they can influence you.

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