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taoism symbolThe question about the definition of Taoism is very intriguing. Multiple individualities get messed up trying to understand it. Commonly, the most religions teach their dogmas that reflect the person. Taoism acts differently. It teaches a truth. The "Tao" is indefinable. The main position of this religion affirms and encourages own passing. Every identity is capable to reveal the Tao on his/her own. This teaching greatly frustrates and confuses many people, as by our nature all of us wish to learn certain and well-known definitions. This one is in some way illusive and unconventional.


To start within oneself is the shortest way of realizing what Taoism is. View the first three steps, which will ease the way of understanding Taoism:

  • - Never try to find a concrete definition of the Tao. The realizing of it will come in a natural way in the course of the studying.
  • - Find the real connection to Taoism. This is not some definite and simple explanation is one sentence or word. This is a real "being". It is a specific system, which includes beliefs, attitudes and practice targeted at serving and living to your own nature.
  • - The one true path to realizing it is to accept yourself. You should start from your own life. Reflect your deeds, plan out future steps and discover the universe to find who actually are. No matter what happens, you always remain yourself, as it was planned by the nature. Do not try to overcome or explain difficulties. Simply accept this world as it is. Accept your true nature.



It teaches to refuse resistance and go alongside with whatever comes. Live in harmony with your heart.

Read some tips for the beginners to receive clearer understanding of Taoism.


taoism towerThe basic guide is very helpful for the newcomers. Nonetheless, this is not a strict doctrine that surely tells how to live. The main point is concluded within expression of the inner nature. For each, there are personal guidelines. One of such examples is coming next:

  • - Take care of those who helped to extend and maintain your nature.
  • - Be really yourself and do not imitate somebody else.
  • - Treat the world and people in the manner you want to be treated.
  • - Remain in touch with people who are outside of your nature.
  • - Leave alone the ones who refuse accepting your nature. Let them go with a flow and do as they wish.
  • - There is nothing you own. You are a passing custodian of things outside your nature.
  • - Reveal the set of practices that can sustain to keep the mind, body and spirit strong and determined. You should involve only those practices, which are surely required at the moment. Do not involve unnecessary ones. The activities are changeable according to present needs. To improve and maintain your physical and spiritual worlds, you should implement the methods that are directed for their sustenance and enhancement. Do them properly and change only when it is needed to make a shift. Other methods, which do not suit your present requirements, are out of need.
  • - There are no certain plans in Taoism. Do not haste. Take your time for relaxation and exploring the things that surround you. Delve deep inside of your true personality, trust your inner visions and affections.
  • - Remember that every step is important. Properly think what you are doing. It will help to improve your life. Even if the next step is very serious, try to smile making it. Smiling, you are opening multiple ways of great opportunities for yourself. If you feel exhausted - make a break. Do not overload your body and mind. In occasion, you cannot use the common method, seek for alternatives. There are always at least two ways for resolving any problem. Maintain your learnings and beliefs. This will greatly assist in achieving smooth advancement in your life and exploring the beauties of the universe.


Taoism does not want to involve contradictions and complications. It tries to ease our life. It is an acceptance of your life and nature, a search of harmony and peace, searching for different life paths. Accept the happenings in our life as they are.

Under condition, you accept these teachings you will understand the meaning of Taoism. Some identities stop within these beliefs. The others take longer way and find more colorful paths. This will help you acquiring more colors for your soul and heart. Experience your life. There is no wrong ending.



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