planet, UranusUranus needs 84 years to go through the Zodiac and stays from 7 years in each sign.

Uranus element is fire. The essence of Uranus is arid. The signs it governs are Aquarius and peaks in Scorpio. It is associated with neural system and brain.

It patronizes scientists, extravagant or mentally unhealthy people, and revolutionaries.

The temperament of Uranus is highly anxious and uneasy.

Uranus is emotional, energetic, and secondary. It is passionate and involved.

Uranus produces strong and violent energy. It is a planet of rapid and unexpected changes, sudden fate twists, revolutions and social changes. This planet is dark, as it is a sign of eccentricity, psychological diseases, self-confidence, and insanity. Uranus can be sharp in critique and cruel in actions.

If Uranus is a dominant planet, the person is very extravagant, stand-aside, with his or her own strange principles, a little bit mad and negatively weird, often clashing in conflicts, but pretty inventive, has original thinking and may come up with genius ideas. The behavior of Uranus is quite contradictory, because though such people try to be apart from society, they still try to invent something to make people live better.

Uranus symbolizes progress, discovery and inventions, technologies of different kind and development in general.


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