planet, VenusVenus is unstable in its cycle. It needs 255 overall to go through whole Zodiac. It is quite large and can be seen from the Earth even without a telescope. The daily movement of Venus is something like the Sun or Mercury and close to 1°. Venus also keeps quite close distance to the Sun, a bit further than Mercury - 48°.

The element governed by Venus is air. Venus rules such signs as Taurus and Libra, reaching its culmination in Pisces. Venus is associated with urinary tract, nervous system and neck.

Venus is the planet that patronizes creative professions, sellers, and beauty-connected specialists. Venus’ influence expands from 18 to 25 years. By the temperament it brings joyful and irritated states. By the character Venus can be primary, emotional and calm and secondary, emotional and calm.

Venus is a symbol of beauty, affection, comfort, and tenderness. It shows the way people behave in their romantic relationships, passions and free time. Venus demonstrates the strategy of one partner in love to another one. It makes everything milder, sleeker, and more comfortable in any place it is possible.

If the Venus is a dominant planet, the person of the chart is attractive, charismatic, tender, adaptable, and self-confident in his or her looks. Often the owner of the chart is creative and talented in spheres of art and culture. Venus is rather a feminine planet by the energy, as well as the Moon, but with tendency to pamper the person in laziness, food, sensual pleasures etc. If Venus is manifested negatively it can turn such person into idle, mercantile, mean, artificial and lucre-seeking one.

In a chart of a man, Venus represents a physically attractive woman, often interesting in sexual plans for the man, or the most physically pleasant type of woman for the man.

Venus is on its peak when the person starts to think about love affairs with others, experiments in relationships and pays more attention to the way he or she looks.


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