Cycles. Moon's month cycles. Mercury, Venus, and the Sun cycles (Part 3)

planets, spaceNow, when all the fragments of the cooperation of the planets are clear, we can take a look at how these celestial objects cooperate with each other during the track of their cycles. Imagine all the planets moving each in their cycle at the same time. When they move, they are in different positions or aspects to each other. The Moon is the fastest one, and moves 13° a day, so every 27.5 days it will cross the same point in the chart. Saturn, for instance, will create very influential aspect every 7 years, and we will feel its impact on our relationships. The cycle of each planet is interrelated with its orbit.

One more important question to be raised in terms of aspects and cycles is the applying and separating aspects. Imagine the interaction of two planets, if the faster one moves to the slower one – it is an applying aspect (exact by degree). When the faster one moves away from the slower one, the aspect is separating. The degree between them is changing, as the faster planet moves away.

So, for instance Saturn is at 15° Pisces and the Sun is at 10° Cancer, the Sun has an applying trine to Saturn. At the same time, the Moon is at 12° Libra, it is in separating aspect to the Sun. It might seem hard at first, but it is a nice way to show us that heavenly bodies instantly progress at different speeds, changing interrelations with one another at the same time.

Orb is also an important topic to cover. The orb of the planet is an aspect or area of impact that the planet has on our lives. Let’s take a look at the example, a conjunction with the Sun in a birth chart might have 8° orb, so the Sun to Pluto conjunction, for instance, would be especially active if Pluto is at 13° Scorpio and the Sun is ranges from 5° to 21° to Scorpio. We can say that the Sun has an applying aspect to Pluto from 5° to 13° (in this angles it creates a precise conjunction), and then from 13° to 21° the Sun will be in the separating aspect. For further information as for this topic and deeper understanding of the processes of applying or separating and orb, please, pay attention to Astrology textbooks, as information presented here is merely descriptive and is rather for general concept.

After you’ve read this information, it is time to go deeper into astrological knowledge, but you need to refresh all the material you’ve gone through one more time. Make sure you are absolutely sure you know all the symbols and signs that might become useful for your astrological practice. Astrology is a very deep source of information, provided by celestial objects to us, so we need to use it in order to make right decisions in right moments. You need to know all the symbols and basic astrological notions in order not to be distracted by lack of knowledge further. Look at the beauty of each sign and symbol, people have created them centuries ago, they bear enormous energy and vibes, so try to deeply understand them. When you comprehend all this information, there will be a night, when you look at the night sky and feel yourself as a part in this huge and eternal world.

Cycles. Moon's month cycles. Mercury, Venus, and the Sun cycles
Cycles. Moon's month cycles. Mercury, Venus, and the Sun cycles (Part 2)
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