Cycles. Moon's month cycles. Mercury, Venus, and the Sun cycles (Part 2)

planets, spaceThe Sun, Venus and Mercury have approximately a yearlong cycle. The Sun cycle is 365 days, with a 1° a day, it changes the seasons and creates right conditions for the life on our planet. Sun’s movement causes solstice and equinox which are the reminders that the new season has come. Our birthday every year means that the Sun has crossed the same point as it was during the day a person was born. This is one of the most important days through the year, as it fills us with vital energy and sets goals for the next year.

Mercury is a planet that is associated with mental health, intelligence, thoughts, concepts, ideas, fantasies and humor.

Venus also has a cycle close to one year and rules our emotional state, it makes us touchy, helps us to control our emotions and demonstrate them.

These planets are very close to the Sun. Mercury is situated 28° from the Sun and Venus is located 48° to it.

The Mars’ cycle is longer than those of Venus and Mercury – it makes 22 months. Mars drives our motivation, inspiration, wishes, and our productivity within its cycle. When the cycle starts we feel that we are capable to do anything, refreshed, initiative and eager to act, we want to do something and are on top of productivity mode. With Mars progressing through its cycle, our motivation and productivity will change; it depends on the angle and sign of Mars so we will feel its influence more or less strongly.

Jupiter needs 12 years to complete its cycle. It means that each year Jupiter stays in one sign. Every twelve years we feel the Jupiter’s return, it happens when Jupiter happens at the same sign as it was during the year the person was born. Jupiter’s return happens to everybody at 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 and 84 years.

Saturn also has its return in every 28-30 years. Its cycle is about 30 years and is associated with wisdom, experience, and changes. By the time Saturn returns we are grown-up personalities, with set of principles and shaped outlook. During the most intense points of our life, when we are in complicated situation and get help, when we are ready for a very important step in our life, when we have found the passion in life, when we are absolutely honest with our desires in life – it is the influence of Saturn. Saturn acts as the power that directs our efforts in the right place.

After Saturn we experience the impact which is slower and harder to detect, the planets like Uranus, Pluto and Neptune. The impact from these three planets covers the whole generation.

Uranus needs 84 years to complete its cycle. It stays 7 years in one sign. The most intense moments of Uranus cycle happen on the 21st, 42nd and 63rd years of cycle. Uranus makes us think about who we are, our real desires, our reputation and implementation of our dreams.

Neptune stays in one sign for 14 years, which makes for 165 years cycle. It is very long period in terms of people’s lives. Neptune connects the efforts and desires of people with their success or implementation. Neptune is usually associated with subconscious part of our mind; it is also associated with the trends in society and the mood of the time. Neptune can be the power that leads two people together.

Pluto doesn’t have a firm and stable number of years when it completes its cycle, it is different, but in general, it needs 248 years to finish its route. Pluto is associated with community, progress, changes, global innovations and deep personal insights.

Cycles. Moon's month cycles. Mercury, Venus, and the Sun cycles
Cycles. Moon's month cycles. Mercury, Venus, and the Sun cycles (Part 3)
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