Cycles. Moon's month cycles. Mercury, Venus, and the Sun cycles

planets, spaceAstrology studies the movement of the heavenly bodies through our solar system. The main focus of astrology includes the planets’ track, their relations during this track and the energy they produce in a certain time and place as a result.

Astrological chart helps to understand the hidden details about person’s life. In order to find more information about certain period of life, we look at the position of celestial bodies during this period and how it reflects our life. Celestial bodies can reveal more about us, sometimes things we have never realized before. They help connect our personal energy with our roots, letting us know what was predestined, and how we tend to act. Celestial bodies are always dynamic, moving and progressing. That’s why as astrologers, we need to pay attention not only to the birth chart alone, but combine it with the activity of the planets in one’s life as well. It will help us understand how planets and their motion influence the life in general and how to make profit out of it or get ready to a certain period.

Astrology analyses the way cycles of different planets influence the life here on Earth. To start, you should know that each planet or celestial object has certain time frame and route to go through the Zodiac wheel. The Moon doesn’t need much time for it, it is the fastest one. The Moon needs 27.5 days to visit all the signs on the Zodiac wheel. In comparison to Pluto that needs 248 years to finish its route. The Moon’s cycle is of high importance to us, as it is close and impactful. The Moon often rules our mood, stubbornness or flexibility, our feelings and undertakings. The Earth is connected to the Moon, so are humans. The cycle of the Moon is fast, and it opens a field for experiments, so we can always track our mood, emotions, our ability to work and rest, mental stability and many other things from one Moon cycle to another.

People can track and feel the changes within the Moon cycle easily. The Moon has 4 phases or quarters, they are listed in chronological order and repeat over and over again: new, first, full and last. You can check yourself according to the Moon quarter and the changes in you will be quite tangible. People need to know the peculiarities of Moon cycle just to know when the time comes not to undertake anything, when there is especially vulnerable time and when the intuition works on its maximum. The Moon rules our emotional state according to its quarter.

Cycles. Moon's month cycles. Mercury, Venus, and the Sun cycles (Part 2)
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