Karmic Debt Numbers

Karmic debt numbersHave you ever considered that everything that happened to you, each and every decision you made and person met was not a coincidence? All your good and bad days and influences left a footprint in the person you are today. There is a concept in Numerology called the Karmic Debt that says that in order to pay off the mistakes of the past that prevent you from moving forward to the future, you need to fix them by changing yourself or going through some challenge that will eventually result in reward. Karmic Debt Number identifies the obstacle or challenge for you specifically, so you know what number applies to your life.

As soon as you go through the challenge of the Karmic Debt number or change your way of thinking/reacting the new chapter in your life will start, offering new opportunities for inner growth and happiness. In some metaphorical way it is the trial by combat.

The only aim for Karmic Debt number is to test you, to make you go out of the comfort zone and take a look at your life from another angle. Most often the Karmic Debt number is associated with the mistakes you made in your previous life that prevent you from succeeding in this one.

Easily find your Karmic Debt number:

Karmic Number is a situational one, so if when making calculations for your Life Path or Expression number you see numbers 13,14, 16 and 19 – one of those numbers is the one for Karmic Debt.

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