Karmic Lesson numbers

Hearts-numberWe enter life with certain strengths and weaknesses. Karmic Lessons are areas that we must face and work on in this life. There can be several Karmic Lessons.

Number 1 for Karmic Lesson allows to suggest that you should probably be more forceful and confident in your wills and desires. It is important to learn how to stand up for yourself and achieve your goals no matter what is happening around you.

Karmic Lesson Number 2 means a necessity of learning how to act diplomatically and tactfully. You should be more sensitive to people's feelings. Try to cooperate with others and work as a team.

Karmic Lesson Number 3 is for those who judge themselves too harshly. Make an effort and try not to be far too hard on yourself.

Karmic Lesson Number 4 shows you need to determine the direction of life. You may ask yourself why you are here, but your work will help you to find the right path through the life.

You should find out how to wake up the spirit of adventure in yourself and stop spending so much time on the sidelines. Experience your life at its fullest, come on!

Karmic Lesson Number 6 signifies a reluctance or inability to make commitments. That may be your inborn peculiarity, and even when you try to commit yourself to do something your nature may hold back your true passion for the relationship or commitment. But over time you may learn how to allow your passions to be expressed and how to put your heart into your relationships and commitments.

Karmic Lesson Number 7 appears when you might be disregarding your inborn talents. No matter is it a fear of failure or lack of will, you're just devoting not enough energy and time for developing those talents, even though they are core of you being. If you know what are you best at, embrace it.

Karmic Lesson Number 8 appears when you have a talent for making money, but it's not governed properly. Your financial status may experience tremendous swings because of that. Though you've learned how to make money, you appear to be too impulsive and speculative in matters of finance. In order to diminish such swings in future you should develop a more cautious financial approach.

Karmic Lesson Number 9 indicated your inability to see the snares of people around you. You should be more compassionate and try to expand your view and understanding of the world.


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