Top 10 Significant Numbers in Biblical Numerology

Christ man headThe most popular book of all times - the Holy Bible - hides a lot of secrets. In this book everything is for a reason, and the numbers have its meaning.

Here we will observe 10 most frequently occurred numbers in Bible.




Number 1 in the Bible bears special meaning. The Lord is one. This number represents the disavowal from multiple gods. It is the number of God's power. As God is one, Satan is one. It is a number of unity with God. If someone is alone - Moses, Elijah, or Jesus they are alone only physically, in that moment the Father is with them.


22 is a number of precise and perfect shape, of something perfectly created by God. 22 divided by 7 ( divine number) is an approximation of pi that is considered to be the circle's ratio to its diameter. Each section of Bible has 22 books. The Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters. 22 books create a Canon Wheel. From the birth of Abraham to the death of Jesus was 2200 years. 22 years continued the domination of Jeroboam.


In the Bible 40 is the sign of completion and trials. It is widely used in the book, more than 140 times. Egyptian pharaohs kept Israelites in slavery for 400 years. 40 years of punishment for unbelief, 40 days of getting the God's Law on the Mount Sinai, 40 days and 40 nights of the Flood. Jesus got through 40 days of Satan's temptation. In the New Testament Jesus said the variations of the word “fulfill”40 times.

twelve apostol Christ


Also means completeness, a divine order. There were 12 apostles, 12 tribes of Israel. The abovementioned symbols were taken into account when the walls of Jerusalem have been building and the multiple of 12 and 12 is the thickness of city's walls. Daniel can also be seen as an end, and Daniel consists of 12 chapters. The last chapter 12:12 says that blessed is the one who waits 1,335 days, and 1+3+3+5= 12. When 5 thousands were fed by Jesus there were 12 baskets of leftovers.


Number 4 is connected to completeness. The amount of main prophets is 4 - Ezekiel, Isaiah, Daniel, and Jeremiah, 4 horsemen of Apocalypse. Jesus ancestry is traced back to the 4th tribe.


Number 10 examples are very numerous in the Bible. In everyday life we use it to determine quality, in Bible it means completion as well as 4, 3, 12, 40. Noah was the 10th patriarch up to the Flood, 10 Commandments. Jesus quotes Deuteronomy very often - 46 times. 4+6=10. Jesus made 37 miracles through the Gospels 3+7=10.


It is commonly known that number 6 is the number with negative feel. It is a symbol of imperfection. The combination 666 is contrast to 777, 666 is the symbol of Unholy Trinity. 6 is the symbol of incompleteness. It is believed that King James Bible is incomplete and has 66 books.

holy trinity Christ


Number three is the number of Holy Trinity. It means unity and holiness. Among 12 apostles Jesus loved 3 of them the most, because of their faith. Transfiguration can be another example of 3. Samuel was called 3 times by God until he understood it and answered. Jesus rejects temptation for 3 times. Names of 3 angels were indicated in the Holy Book. Jesus fell under the cross triply. He was set on the cross on the 3rd hour of the day.


7 is the number signifying perfection. Generally, number 7 is considered to be fortunate and divine. 777 is the combination for Holy Trinity. God has a sevenfold spirit. 14 being a twice 7 is also frequent. "Jesus the Christ" consists of 14 letters. Revelation was written for 7 churches of Asia. After 4 thousands people were fed -7 baskets of leftovers. The first sentence of the first verse of the Gospel of Mark consists of 7 words.


Twenty-one has an arithmetical meaning in the Bible. John's Gospel has 21 chapter. Revelation has 22 chapter, where 22nd is not like the others and can be associated with number 1, and 21 left are united and assigned to number 21. The amount of God's wraths is 21.


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