Waxing Moon

waxing moon, salad, fruitsAfter the New Moon phase, the Waxing Moon phase is about to start. It is time when the moonlight gathers its power and intensifies in the sky. You will feel stronger desire to indulge yourself with some unhealthy food, and it will last until the culmination of the Full Moon. Your self-control is on the probation period.

During the period of Waxing Moon you should cut the amount of the food you conceive. No, you shouldn't be starving. However, you need to teach yourself how to stop eating when you are fed, so you don't feel "stuffed", but you feel satisfied. Don't pamper yourself, during the Waxing Moon it is rather a mistake. Refuse from sweets, high calorie food, fats and reduce salt. If you want to have real results, don't eat after 6.p.m., when the moonlight is more and more visible. It is better to have a good breakfast then. The time interval from 3 till 5 p.m. is perfect for drinking more water and teas. It will also calm down "false hunger" caused by the lack of liquids in the body.

As this is an intermediate period to the Full Moon phase, it can be appreciably harder than other phases. However, after its peak you will feel relieved, better and remember that easier phases are ahead.

Follow this instruction during the first 26 hours of the Waxing Moon:

Choose only one:
Option #1: It is needed to eat only seasonal fruits. It depends on the season, but for example: apples, strawberries, plums, grapefruits. You can eat everything at once, or make it five meals (better option).
Option #2: This option includes only salads and greens like spinach, salad, cauliflower, tomatoes, carrots, and eggplants (aubergines).During winter boiled veggies are acceptable with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. For snacks during the day you can grind the vegetables and make a smoothie, it will be digested better.
Option #3: This option includes low fat diary like yoghurt and mash made of vegetables like pumpkin or potato. You can have such a meal once a day or divide it into 5 meals.
Option #4: Try to eat only jelly fruits. Divide jelly fruits into 5 meals during the day.
Option#5: This option includes soups and merely seasonal vegetables. Divide your food into 5 meals during the day and make sure you don't eat right before going to bed.

The instructions mentioned above for the complete/ extended Moon Diet will help you control your body weight and feel better being on a diet. The main feature of such diet is that it is natural, simple and can be done all year long without damaging your organism.

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