Moon Phases Diet Plan

diet, notepad, pencilThis complete Moon Diet Plan includes all the phases of the Moon. During each period the Moon influences human body in a different way, depending on whether the power of the Moon is in phase of increasing or subsiding. Apart from the days of fast during new and full Moon (common Moon diet), there are more profound tips on how to diet during each of the phases and how to gain full profit out of each lunar phase.

Use the Moon Phase Calendar from this site to find out when each stage of the Moon Diet begins. Don't forget about software such as VeBest Moon Phase in order to get the most accurate data and many other bonus features, the software is supported by iOS and Android platforms, as well as Windows OS and MacOS.

Full Moon

Full Moon Phase is considered to be the best time to begin this type of extended Moon dieting. It is so, because the decreasing of the Moon power follows the Full Moon phase, and it is the easiest time to start a diet. During this period the restrictions are minimal, and it is a good basis for a diet launch. The evolution of your power of will is going to increase faster during this period, and it will fasten your first results and help you further keep up the diet.

The rules written in the Basic Moon Diet Plan should be followed strictly during the 24 hours of the Full Moon. Avoid solid foods, but greaten the amount of water, fresh smoothies, and fruits and veggies of your choice. You will not only train your power of will, but have an opportunity to lose approximately 6lbs of odd water weight and get rid of unwholesome toxins through this period. It is the best diet start and further motivation that can be imagined.

Waning Moon

Right after the Full Moon phase, the Waning Moon phase begins. The light of the Moon gradually declines. During this phase our body tends to dispose of unhealthy substances, so the process of detoxification and getting rid of excessive water weight begins. The unhealthy habits and desires for our body tend to calm down as well, so it is easier to control weight.

During this period it is needed to increase the water supply into the organism in order to stimulate our organism to liquidate toxins intensely. You will also need to drink more water because during this period the Moon pushes away more water from the body. As a rule, it is better to drink approximately 8 glasses of water per Waning Moon day. What's more, balance the amount of solid food you eat.

Follow this instruction during the first 26 hours of the Waning Moon:

Choose only one:
Option #1: Eat only fruits and fruity smoothies that are natural to this season like apples, pears, mandarins, peaches, mango, etc. You might eat 5 portions at once or divide the portions for five meals during the day.
Option #2: Eat only salads like: tomato, cucumber, carrot, iceberg-lettuce, basil etc, one portion at lunch and one at dinner. In winter you can boil veggies. A tablespoon of olive oil is allowed. For breakfast and when you are hungry make vegetable smoothies or grind vegetables and eat it with juice.
Option #3: Eat only low calorie yoghurts, and mashed pumpkin or potato. You can eat it altogether or divide the portions into five meals and eat during the day.
Option #4: Eat jelly fruits only. You can eat it altogether or divide the portions into five meals and eat during the day.
Option#5: Eat vegetable soups and seasonal vegetables only. Divide the portions into five meals and eat during the day.

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