Balance number

Balance numberNumerous obstacles in life get different response from different people. Some people are like gladiators who rush to the lion to tear it apart, others have absolutely opposite or escapist way of coping with troubles, hiding and avoiding them at all cost. There is also the third group of people who ignore problems or seems not to worry about it at all. You might be one of the above, but most probably you have your own, unique way of coping with problems. Maybe the problem can overwhelm you for a moment, but in a blink of an eye you are ready to solve it. Maybe you need some time to think over the most profitable strategy.

Growing up we learn ourselves, our priorities and strengths, and we also learn our way of coping mechanisms with troubles of all sorts. Our coping mechanism also changes and adapts to the situation. It is all about emotional survival. We learn to manage or emotions and think under pressure. We learn, but there is always a way to do it more effectively.

For difficult and unexpected situations Numerology has a Balance Number that is aimed to help you particularly on how to deal with situations that knock you sideways, leave you shocked, unprepared and in total stress.

The Balance number is not one of the core numbers in Numerology and you don’t want to calculate for regular days, however, in times of trouble, this small number can do you a great favor, provide you with a hint on how to cope with painful situation and relieve stress. Anyway, it is always good to know your Balance number, just for backup. It allows you to prevent your problems from taking over the control in your life.

Balance number is rarely listed in charts, but it is rather a handy help in a time when you need unbiased advice.

Your Balance Number also touches your general talents and inclinations, as well as your disadvantages and areas of improvement. This information was inscribed on you during your birth, and partially reflected in your name.

How to Find Your Balance Number

In order to find it, you need to add the numbers that correspond to the letters in your full name altogether and reduce it to a single digit.

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