Approaching Astrology With a 21st Century Mind: Not Fitting In

We’re going to have to get heady if we really want to understand the astrological phenomenon

Black, white, womanSometimes, when people hear that my profession is connected to astrology, their reactions are priceless, as some are really interested and excited, some do not hide their sarcasm, some are infuriated. Well, it is hard to understand that in the century of technologies somebody takes astrology serious.

This material is not aimed to make you believe in astrology or persuade somebody in its power. Here, we will look at things that can help you understand why I, living the 21st century, learned astrology, and the information here is important, as it helps to understand the validity of astrology. If you know a little bit about astrology, this information might be interesting and helpful for you, otherwise it will be not enough for you. In order to get to the point, we will have to get a little bit deeper, so let’s just jump into the astrology of the 21st century.

Not Fitting In

If you have no prejudice with astrology, you can say that it is not needed to go over the trifles, however, I believe it is important in order to build up a full and bright picture. Lots of people who are indeed interested in astrology, numerology or other metaphysical sciences usually don’t tell about it. It is rather their intimate experience and they are afraid to feel the pressure of the modern state of mind, as they don’t really suit the view of the rest of the world.

For the last few years, astrology was accepted warmer than before, as some famous people turned to it. Richard Tarnas, the author of The Passion of the Western Mind, a book on the history of Western mindset that is very popular in colleges, he has also created the book Cosmos and Psyche. Another example - Stanislav Grof, one of the first psychedelic researchers, doctor, and psychologist believes astrology to be a tool for prediction when transformative breakthroughs happens.

However, every statement from a person that protects astrology usually not helps astrology, but diminishes the protector’s image. However, it doesn’t matter how skeptical or sarcastic you think you are, if you even consider or check astrology, which helps people to find strengths inside, directs them on the right way and cures their souls – you are also involved.

The first factor to take into account is temperament. One of the greatest American psychologists – William James operated with such terms as ‘materialist’ and ‘idealist’. This classification may remind you of extravert and introvert, anyway these notions have quite a long history. We can trace it back to the ancient philosophers like Plato and Aristotle type of temperaments.

Materialists percept the world around them by the real and material things, and emotions or thoughts are rather abstract as it is not tangible. Materialists believe that real things can be touched, can be seen and proven, as well as has size. Ideas and thought are intangible objects that have no body or shape, so they are not so essential in this world.

Idealists have the opposite state of mind. They believe that material world is temporary one. They believe that ideas and concepts are eternal and that the material things will vanish anyway, but the idea behind them will live for a long time. The flower or butterfly will have a short life, but the fields and species will have the continuation.

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