Approaching Astrology With a 21st Century Mind: The Hermetic Maxim

CubesFor astrologers, it is very important to convey the concept that the meaning goes through all the levels of our world. The meaning enters every level of universe. It is the notion that explains the modern astrological approach the best. It is not the material that leads to ideas, and it is not the idea that creates material. The point is that it can be both.

Why would we need to separate two perspectives, if it can work well in unity and create a harmonious single reality. What id the main difference between the idea and material is a way it is created? What if they do not lead to each other, but reflect one another.

Scientists and other persuaded materialists have been promoting this idea for a long time now. However, the idea was not welcomed by our realms. However, lots of physicists are startled by a psychic phenomenon, where the material and idealistic worlds are intertwined and lead to such factual experience as second sight or ‘clairvoyance’.

The precise pattern by which the clairvoyance appears is unknown, however one is for sure the theories include both real and ideal concepts. The main thing here is the information produced by the fact of interconnection of two. The real value here is meaning.

Astrology goes further and claims that matter and concept not only have the same source and is interrelated, but that it goes from the lowest level of existence to the highest one and is present at every level of our life.

Do you need to pay attention to the question that cannot be answered empirically or by logical causal lead? It is up to you, but you should remember that there is also the level of experience and paradoxical base of our reality. You need to look wider, in order to let yourself feel it. This experience will combine both materialistic and idealistic parts of the world, and it is possible with astrology.

Possible here doesn’t mean probable. Astrology is able to provide you with this understanding of the symbols and that the consciousness and material can exist and operate together at the same time.

Astrology is worth the try, as it is a knowledge and wider outlook that provides you with better understanding of the way our world functions. It also has lots of perks like telling what time is better for which activities, for example when it is better to make decisions, search for a new job etc. However, it is very superficial, as real astrology shows that the world has a design and it is a well-managed mechanism, so our lives are not just senseless exitance.

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