Approaching Astrology With a 21st Century Mind: Understanding Symbols

BrainUsually, we are guided by our mind, when interpreting symbols, however it can be tricky. We can differentiate one from another, but it will not confine the meaning of the symbol. Let’s take the word food, you can see it as Italian, but it can be Chinese as well and there is no adequate limit to it.

Astrologers are in the same situation, as everybody else. They interpret symbols, but they do it from one side only. Astrologers want to prove astrology, so they try to make prediction as concrete as possible. However, the symbols might be vague and cannot be seen the same by everyone.

In past, astrology was way more successful than nowadays. However, astrology evolves with people, it never stays on one place, so the astrology is not the same today as it was before, as well as its clients. How hard was it to predict a life of a peasant in middle ages? The simpler the life, the fewer the possibilities, hence the simpler the tools for interpreting those symbols. So, it was easier to recognize the symbol back then.

Lots of sceptics approach astrology as they would any physical science with strict laws, however astrology works as a symbolic system, not physical: it doesn’t have precise meanings connected with particular actions. Let’s imagine sneakers, everyone will have unique picture in our heads, of different shapes and brands, but it will still be sneakers.

This is the reason why nowadays astrologers have to use the descriptive term “psychological astrology” in order to give people understanding on the matter of the astrology. Lots of symbols will turn out to be internal, as emotions, decisions and thoughts which are great and important factors of our life. These symbols can be transformed into anything, both material and idealistic thing.

How does astrology operate? From a materialist point of view, the link of consequences is a mandatory condition of any connection. However, materialists cannot realize that there could also be a symbolic sequence without a regular link. This is the type of thinking most of the physical world obtains, however it cannot be employed in the world of meaning.

The understanding of astrology lies in between, we need to expand our outlook. In order to understand it we need to take practices from both points of view, because astrology involves real physical objects and connects them with symbolic ideas and meaning.

Materialists consider ideas as ephemeral and those who depend or originate from physical objects. The experience of material world produces ideas. Idealists believe the opposite, ideas create everything, and material manifestation is only temporary. Each of the points of view is too drastic and doesn’t fully cover the real picture of the world where everything is in balance.

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