Approaching Astrology With a 21st Century Mind: Don’t Get Each Other

Don’t Get Each Other

DovesIdealists and materialists are two opposites that never meet. They perceive the world through different perspectives. They contradict, nobody wants to be in shoes of the opponent. However, none of them is right, because each opinion is limiting them.

Being idealist doesn’t mean that you see sense in astrology. Being a materialist definitely does not include any astrology in one’s life. It means that in order to look at astrology from the very beginning, you need to be an idealist rather than materialist. After the science intruded into our lives and every bit of the world is being inspected and measured, idealists started feeling crowded out of the world. Though, it is ironical that materialists who object the power of ideas, express their laws and conclusions in ideas and theories. So, I want to say that it is impossibly to be 100% on one side, as there is always the exception that changes everything.

The second factor that needs to be taken into account is meaning. Astrology is based on symbols and the main thing there is meaning, which is not about precise events. In order to understand the true meaning of the symbol, the person needs to go through real life event. Symbols might be in shapes of thoughts, emotions, ideas which in its turn transform into actions, conversations, making choice or leaving job.

Here the materialists stuck, because they believe that symbols have no materialistic consequences or realizations. But it is a thought, a symbol first that leads to action and to a tangible result. For idealists, ideas and concepts are real, because they understand that simple thought can make a real impact. Materialists don’t care about it at all.

KRL Jung believed symbols to be productive. Let’s think about one of the strongest symbols – mother. The first impression is about your mother, a biological one. It can concern people and animals. However, it also bears a context of bringing up and ensuring safety. We might say that one person is ‘mothering’ another one, though there would be no biological connection. We can continue metaphors like ‘Mother Earth” motherland and so on, you get it. We might say about our pet that it is our baby, or our job is our baby, as we nurtured it and brought up to life. It is an illustration that the symbol is not constant, it is changeable and progresses as well as everything in our world.

Astrology is based on symbols. When we speak about a planet, a sign, a satellite or a star, we imply some additional sense to it, as we speak symbols. The same applies for zodiac signs, ascendants, houses and so on. The Moon for instance is often symbolized as a mother.

The method we use for astrological symbols is quite alike to what Jung revealed about the archetypes of the collective unconscious. Also, it has some similarities with attractors in Chaos theory. To cut the long story short, there are general notions that everybody anticipates, but we cannot define them or tell it will happen for sure. It makes every astrological symbol have different embodiments.

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