How to get all from your life using Nature Rhythm - Air Signs

Air Signs

Gemini - Moon type


People of this sign are very communicative and devoted. They like adventures, flexible and energetic. It is necessary for them to stay in touch with their family and friends. They adore changes in their life and cannot stand being in one place for a lot of time. Spontaneously they change career, place of living and environment. They hate routine, full of boldness and ready to embark on new projects. They usually give incentive to his friends and people who are close to them. Their brightness attracts other people and they easily get along with other human beings. They should be careful not to scatter themselves. Reasoning prevail their emotions. It is easy for them to control their emotions when they worry, feel sorry or are disquiet.

Libra - Moon type


Libra-moons are very agreeable, kind, show regards to others and obliging. It is easy for them to know and comprehend feelings of other people. They usually accede on a problem with others so that they can also agree and resolve it by themselves. Acknowledgement and acceptance is one of the important things to them. These people somehow contrive to avoid arguments. They should be careful not to be used. And have to understand that their wants and feelings are very important to have a balanced life. As scales Libra moons adore attractiveness and balance. They love communicating and enjoy their life. It is often not easy to make decisions privately or by themselves. They possess an extreme feeling of justice that is why they sometimes make career in public justice.

Aquarius - Moon type


This type loves independence and self actualization. They are unusual and empathizing in relation to others. They are committed to society and always struggle against unfairness. They are social revolution makers and reformers. They always guard their independence. You will not find much Aquariuses that have usual clothes, live in ordinary apartments and do ordinary activities. Not so many of them make a career in ordinary field. They like to be noticed that they differ from their environment. They add creativity to their unusualness. These people have a sense of new fashion and usually set vogue in their environment. They are prone to introversion but still it is often hard for them to tell what they feel. Even if they are very communicative they are lonesome in the inner part.

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