How to get all from your life using Nature Rhythm - Fire Signs

Fire Signs

Aries - Moon type


These people are mulish, full of energy, healthy and are lacking patience. They have a strong desire for success and are very determined in their decisions. These people are the thrust to their surrounding, always cheerful, definite and confident. They can go very far using their good manager skills, strength and desire to succeed. As it was said they get irritated when it needs to wait. Regular and usual tasks are boring and not interesting for them. Life is an adventure and defiance for them. They can respond furiously if they didn't accomplish a goal the first time. They start a new project immediately. These people can react impolitely and offensively which usually get their friends and relatives very upset. They try not to show that they are suffering, anxious or sorry, which is not very good. It is necessary to begin living these feelings.

Leo - Moon type


Leo people are very cheerful and have a gift of charm. They are opened and full of happiness. They are good managers and directors. They express strength and cordiality being kind and friendly. They like to receive in return for what they gave. These people understand how to behave in public or on the stage. They have a sense of personal worth, so they do not stand when they are criticized. Sometimes they exaggerate with haughtiness. Women Leos are good in arts, extremely creative and inventive. Leo-moons are often outstanding that leads sometimes to imperiousness. But still they have a faithful and kind heart. A slogan of their life is to love and be loved. You are very lucky to be their friend, because they are caring and faithful in relationships with those who are close to them. They are very jealous but can let themselves to flirt with someone.

Sagittarius - Moon type


Sagittarius people are curious and observant. There are lots of things that interest them. Enthusiasm easily captures them. They are perfectionists and like to be independent. But they seldom show perseverance. When they are in love relationships they ask for freedom and indulgence. They treat their life with optimism, enthusiasm and spontaneity. From all of the moon signs they are the most nature loving, outrageous and risk takers. They possess a drive to win new heights. They tend to develop and discover new things in their lives and in knowledge. Sagittarius people handle new problems and try to find the life sense. Then they hand on the solutions that they discovered. They like to live their life, but they often have a disposition to enter sects or convert themselves from one religion to another.

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