How to get all from your life using Nature Rhythm - Earth Signs

Earth Signs

Taurus - Moon type


These people are always characterized as voluptuous, communicative and friendly. They love their life. They are good in controlling their emotions. You can rely on them because they are unfaltering. They usually finish what they started, before beginning to do something new, thus sometimes they need to be a little spontaneous. These people tend to be confident in their life and have a certain support. They often overestimate their financial provision. So they are good in making a lot of money and keeping them. But they should not bring too much importance to money. Still they are very generous and caring. Taurus receives pleasure from his life and usually tries to be in a good physical shape. With his loving partner Taurus is very faithful, stable and loving. They transport their energy to others being emotionally balanced and calm.

Virgo - Moon type


Virgins are reasonable, competent and expedient people. They like order in their life and home. They like everything to be planned. It is very inconvenient for them to let something take its course. It is very pleasant for them to help other people and to feel that someone needs them. They provide great support and are good in making advises. In any situation it is hard for them to express their feelings even if it will bring benefit. They receive pleasure when they work out of public view. They descry and adore small parts. It is a pleasure for them to work with little details, they do it with great persistence. Their ambitions often suffer from their demand for higher standard of excellence. Grumbling character often harms them. It often happens that they are very good in cooking. It has to do not only with taste but also that they practice a healthy way of life.

Capricorn - Moon type


This type possesses lots of ambitions. These moons can keep secrets, are stable and diligent. Their wish is to achieve great things in their lives. They go to their objective persistently, calmly and stiffly. It is important for them to be polite to others. They think that it is better to give little compensations to fulfill their needs and reach professional achievements. They have good traits to reach a lot in life. They have wonderful managerial skills and sense for discipline and at the same time they attract strength and money. In love relationships these people are trustworthy and devoted. But it is hard for their partners to understand what they feel due to the fact that Capricorn moons are hiding their emotions. It is their tendency to be despondent, dejected and lonely. It is necessary for them to take a rest and learn to have a calm approach to some items. In this way they will experience satisfaction and happiness from their achievements.

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