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How to get all from your life using Nature Rhythm - Water Signs

You can determine very quickly what is your moon type or your moon sign is, whether it is male or female. Also here we can tell you in which sign does the moon stand.

Let us explain you what a moon type is?

Almost all people from your surrounding know what are their sign of zodiac or their sun sign. But not so many know their moon type and moon sign. Person's sign of zodiac is a sign where the sun was when he was born. When you open a magazine or a newspaper you always look for this sign in a horoscopes section. A male part of any person is responsible for the star sign. And a female part is stood by the moon sign. Its moon horoscope can reveal all the hidden secrets of our determined world. Sometimes we do not understand all that is said by horoscope for our zodiac sign. You can discover all the inexplicable things for you using your moon sign. Explore yourself more!

P.S. Sometimes people are mixing moon sign with ascendant and sun sign, which is none of both.

Water Signs

Cancer - Moon type


Cancer people are amicable, concerned and are able to hold and receive. It is better for them to feel that they are emotionally in safe than material independence. Both grownups and kids have a developed fantasy. You can be amazed how sensible these people are, more than any sign of whole list of zodiacal signs. They are closing themselves from the others being unsympathetic and cold. They are easily influenced by different external emotions and effects that provide rapid mood swings. They feel balance and harmony when they are at home with their family. Cancer is a good and caring parent. He adores his children and cares about them. They make a career in a field where they can use all of these qualities.

Scorpio - Moon type


These people are always willing to get to the backbone of all the questions that bother them. They possess a strong personality and power. They are good executers, trustworthy and have a strong desire for achievement. They choose professions of scientific researchers and police officers that investigate crimes. You cannot hide anything from them. Mysteries and secrets attract them a lot, they devote a lot of time to discover it. Lots of them have a secret charm. When communicating with other people they are strict, even mulish, sometimes too severe and inflexible. In mutual affairs these people are truthful and ardent. But be careful not to damage their pride or they will be very offended. It is very interesting for them to investigate human personality of others. They find it important to resolve their problems by themselves. They take a problem very seriously and never stop until they find a solution.

Pisces - Moon type


This type has a sensible and strong mind. They are well-disposed and charitable. They feel other people and understand what decision to make considering the emotions of others. In loving relationships they give care and affection to their love. It is necessary for them to feel an extreme psychological kinship. The choice of their job is influenced by their good qualities as an artist and their full excitement in life. People of this type have a well developed logical thinking and strive to creativity. Many famous artists and writers were born under this moon sign. During whole their lives some Pisces have compel and urge to actions being unable to settle. Sometimes they have unemotional disposition and nothing interests them, they just live their life.

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