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Destiny (Expression) Number 2

(11/2, 20/2, 29/2, 38/2)

The Destiny number 2 assumes that the orientation on development in your life will be directed on the communication and mutual understanding of people and surrounding world. The name you wear hides a potential of psychological skills directed on understanding of the other soul. Your Destiny will be connected with being an intermediate or diplomat. Developing, you will find out that you obtain outstanding orator and diplomatic skills that will help you to set the contact with people around.

Number 2 and master number 11/2 obtain high spiritual potential. People easily like you and are ready to follow your example, as you are inspirational individual. Your inner core makes you a great teacher, social worker, philosopher, psychologist, consultant and advisor. Regardless of the sphere you work in you know your specialization and understand it from the inside. Your intuition rarely lets you down. However, a lot of fanatics and psychics, obsessed with occult studies also have 2/11 Destiny number.

Usually you are dependent on others in some way. You work excellent in a team or partnership. When you are on the peak of your maturity your humbleness will grow, so you need to work and know your worth in order to feel no need in praise.

A lot of people will be complimented for your ideas, but you shouldn't worry about it. You will be perfect team player being concentrated, honest, and valid. You have an opportunity to become great facilitator. You can easily organize and direct people what means a lot. Also you are very thorough and readily work with details.

When you will complete your destiny mission you will become popular, because people easily admire you. Maybe it is because you don't rush for the money, but value your principles and ideas. Positive feature of number 2 Destiny - is the stability of your views and ideals.

The negative side of number 2 is that such person can be too vulnerable and sensitive. A lot of numbers 2 in your numerology chart can make you too shy and diffident. If 2s happen very often it can provoke you being listless and indifferent to the work. That way your inborn ability to be attentive to details fades.

Some 2s, especially reduced from master number 11 are followed by continuous anxiety and nervousness, because of oversensitivity. You are a dreamer, and sometimes you can stick in your dreams and stop being active in reality. You lose your pragmatic ability and make unprofitable decisions. Also you can give advices and share information regardless it is needed or not.

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