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Destiny (Expression) Number 5

(5, 14/5, 23/5, 32/5, 41/5)

The Destiny number 5 assumes that the orientation on development in your life will be directed on the continuous change, development, providing innovations and freedom. Number 5 people usually have a great amount of perspectives through life. In order to master the skills provided by number 5, you must learn multitasking and find time to develop your skills. The main feature of this number is the beneficial use of freedom. In order to know how to use it you should be ready to fit different situations and change yourself if needed.

When you are on the peak of your maturity you will be perfect at introducing ideas and in manipulating people. This will give you an advantageous position while selling something, and while communicating with people in many spheres. No matter what are you doing, you have a fast reaction, analytical state of mind, and intellect.

In your life you will often need to adjust to changes, and you should be able to accept these changes and always be on the progressive wave. It is in your nature to search for intellectual charge and innovations. You have a gift of understanding people regardless of profession and character, you conceive them as they are.

Number 5 is suitable for many professional directions. You will succeed in public sector of work, because it is in your nature to coordinate or administer people. Television, public relations, journalism, promotion and all types of marketing and entertainment are appropriate areas for you. Your interests are always changing and you easily get bored when you reach success in one environment. So it would be profitable for you to seek for different jobs and take new heights.

If numbers 5 happen often in your numerology chart, you can feel negative manifestations of this number. Your interests may change very rapidly. It is the reason, why you can't stay on the one place long enough to finish something. Sometimes you scatter your interests and it prevents you from focusing on the important things. Schedule and office work are accepted as a routine for you. In order to achieve something you have to struggle with such attitude to work. However, usually you react rather superficially instead of thinking it over.

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