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Destiny (Expression) Number 8

(8, 17/8, 26/8, 35/8, 44/8, 53/8)

The Destiny number 8 assumes that the orientation on development in your life will be directed on the business, entrepreneurship or leading positions you want to have. Number 8 Destiny tends to different projects, startups and undertakings with aim to control and gain lot of money. Such people are very ambitious, they know their value, and focus their actions on one goal. If you show positive features of number 8, so you are a great leader or chief. You can plan, organize, promote, initiate, and provide different projects to their successful completion.

Number 8 favors the development of manager and financial skills. It is in your nature to be a manager with nice organizational and communicational skills.

You can become not only successful business owner, but also have essential governmental and administrative positions. You have skills enough to establish and support your own entrepreneurship and the fortune is on your side.

You have financial instincts, and in your life you will get a financial reward. A lot of people can gain something, but you have capability to support it and not to lose everything in the commercial world.

A big deal o your fortune is about your skill to judge a character. Having number 8 means ability to understand people who are great to have common affairs with, and see people whom are better to avoid. You should be pragmatic and practical in your business decisions.

You are very energetic, but serious person. You are determined, but what's more important you are self-confident, which means a lot in your sphere.

If number 8 happen often in your numerology chart you may feel some negative influence of this number. Negative feature of number 8 may be excessive obstinacy. You are ambitious, but sometimes can cross the line and become bold and arrogant. When something is not working or the progress is not obvious you show irritation and impatience. If your disadvantage is showing, you can have great expectations that are hard to correspond. The abovementioned features are not so negative until they are expressed over. You should learn how to relax after business factors strain you, find something important in your life and be also ready to focus on it.

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