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Destiny (Expression) Number 7

(7, 16/7, 25/7, 34/7, 43/7, 52/7)

The Destiny number 7 assumes that the orientation on development in your life will be directed on the intellect, analytical skills, investigation and truth seeking. You will be a great in analysis, judging and discernment. Nothing will escape your intent supervision. You can understand something or someone at a glance that's why you will value privacy and solitude.

You are the person always ready to look for the truth and information, especially hidden from people who deserve it. You will be a professional in the field of your choice, because you readily acquire the information you need. It may be science or religion - it doesn't matter, you will know everything about both if needed. You can be a really good teacher, the one that inspires students on studying and working for goal. Also you can be deeply involved in religion, because of your spirituality. Number 7 includes also a job of psychiatrist, because of interest to explore the unknown possibilities of the brain.

You are a person with special type of thinking, so many of your friends have no clue of what is on your mind. When you reach the peak of your maturity you will be harmonic and friendly individual. You value privacy and don't want to disturb others as well as don't want to be disturbed. Being involved into your inner world you will lose ability to understand people.

Positive features of this number are that you are a perfectionist in the best meaning of this word. You prefer logical state of things and view everything from the rational point. Sometimes you are too rational that others may think you are unemotional at all. When something emotional happens in your life you are often afraid to show the full spectrum of your emotions.

If number 7 happens often in your numerology chart you can feel some negative influence of this number. The main negative feature of the 7 is your lack of trust or aloofness. Such situation favors you to be highly introverted and it can be manifested as egocentrism, skepticism, and irritability. These features prevent normal communication with people that you are sometimes lack of.

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