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Destiny (Expression) Number 6

(6, 15/6, 24/6, 33/6, 42/6, 51/6)

The Destiny number 6 assumes that the orientation on development in your life will be directed on the care, liability, love, and harmony. Progress in life will make you more helpful, concerned about people, and will teach you how to solve any problem you face. You are very sympathetic and concerned about the hardships of those in need. You are naturally inclined to work with people who need help of different kind.

Number 6 person is a nice parent, because such people are concerned, attentive and caring. They like to support household and spend time with friends and family. You are broad-minded and honest - people appreciate it in you. East or west - home is best - is just about you. Your goal is to reach for a maximum comfort and understanding at home. Number 6 promises you to give that comfort you are looking for and even provide luxury.

Even if you tend to art, music and creative activities - it is hardly possible that you will do that for living. You are much better in sphere of charity and social sector, because you are the one who really cares about the others, which is rare. Number 6 Destiny people are successful doctors, social workers, psychologists, and teachers. Also such people keep up on construction, science, decorating and landscaping, cooking and education.

Advantage of this number is that the love you give, and the love you get back. Everybody loves type of person you are, because everyone needs someone to talk to, to feel compassion and encourage.

If you have too much numbers 6 in your numerology chart you can feel some side effects. People with 6 Destiny number despite the lots of advantages can be obstinate, bold and bossy. Also, you can be as demanding to yourself as to others, and it creates huge self-criticism. Negative side of this number is that you can be over self-sacrificing. Remember that not every person is as good as you, and some can take an advantage from your altruism. Occasionally, people with 6 can't differentiate helping with intruding, and also may suffer from high level of nervousness.

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