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Destiny (Expression) Number 3

(12/3, 21/3, 30/3, 39/3)

The Destiny number 3 assumes that the orientation on development in your life will be directed on art and inspiration. This number is also connected to building yourself as a cheerful and joyful person, able to work on the stage and give bright performances. A lot of people guided by number 3 spread energy enough to "charge" a lot of people around.

A great deal of your life mission is assigned to inspiring of people around. It can be on a routine basis, making small inputs into every day life, or on the stage as an entertainer. Such people can become artists, writers, musicians, orators, and teachers. Despite the sphere of your job, you will always be interested in liberal arts.

Also your destiny includes aptitude to marketing. Having a creative state of mind you can demonstrate yourself fully in sales. People with number 3 are usually nice traders and specialists in PR. You are smart and creative so it is always interesting to hear you speak about something you are professional in.

When you are on the peak of your maturity you must become cheerful and happy individual that is really ready to accept everything that comes to your life with disarming smile. You are communicative, caring and loving, such people are always in the spotlight, and can support any conversation. In order to achieve your goal and inspire people you should train your orator skills. It is your mission - to be encourager.

Friends are the supportive power for you. They are more important than you may believe, but you should also learn how to be a good friend. This ability will assist you in your goal achievement. The possibilities will open as you start being more and more social.

The disadvantageous feature of the character is superficiality. You are hard to concentrate and scatter all your efforts making them minimal. You are often frivolous.

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