The Number One: Bible Numerology Code

Almost everywhere around the world number 1 is a symbol of alliance, commonwealth and unity. People describe something being number 1 when it is something great and outstanding that is associated with dominancy and unity, something one and only. Number 1 is independent, stable and confident, it doesn't need any support, as it is the leader and all other numbers are the followers. This number stands aside from all other number being self-sufficient and it can easily exist between the numbers. It is absolutely neutral number.

The main thought which is the foundation of Christianity, when it concerns God, is that there is one and only God, and all other notions are false. That's why number one is considered to be the number of the God, symbolizing God's singularity every time we see it. Even in the Bible we can see the words, implicating number one to be the God's number "Hear, O Israel, the Lord thy God is ONE Lord," it also emphasizes the uniqueness of God and his power. Number one in the Bible also states that the uniqueness of God should be present in the hearts and minds of followers. Number one - is God, so he should be the first thought every day, and everything we start should be started with God in heart and it will provide us with luck and wellbeing.

The songs of angels say that it is wrong to praise the God, when person does nothing good to others around. The first book of the Holy Book includes the hints on the other stories in the book. It says as well that God is the first and the one. It is followed by millennial rule which implies that the conflict can be find if there are more people than one, doing something together. Conflict and misunderstanding always starts when the interests of few sides are involved, with one person it never happens. You can find number one in the Holy Book precisely 1,898 times.

One more example of the alliance and unity can be seen in the story of human creation about Adam and Eve. God created Eve from the Adam's ribs to say that she was made from his heart to be near his side. This story implies not only the first and the truest love, but also that first people were one whole being, they literally shared one body and experienced unity of souls. God established unity by presenting this process.

The meaning of number one as a symbol of primary things can be found in the Jesus' first ministerial words after 40-days fast. The first words he uttered were "It is written." These first words indicate that the God is the only beginning and ending of everything in this world. The first of the Ten Commandments also states about God's singularity, often emphasizing number 1 in different shapes. It says that God should be the first thing in everything, he is independent and absolutely unique. Every time we see reference to the number one it underlines in some way singularity and wholesomeness of God: "on the first day," "He took one of his ribs," and "They two shall be one flesh.

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