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The Number Nine: Bible Numerology Code

Number 9 being the one that completes our number system has a lot of different associations from the numerological point of view. This number is generally associated with full circle, finish, completion. Number 9 was highly regarded in Ancient Greece and Egypt.

Number 9 in the Holy Book means the total amount of individuals. Three aspects of human nature: material world, soul's world and spiritual world are joined in a trinity that can be easily multiplied into 9. Woman is pregnant for 9 months and then the wonder embodied in a child appears. According to the Bible there are nine angelic choruses that sing in heaven.

This number symbolizes eternity as well. Such well-known and secret organization as Freemasons believes number 9 to be the one referring to infinity of the soul's life.

There are a lot of examples of number nine usage in scriptures. Jesus died after nine hours of being on the cross. After his resurrection and ascendance to heaven he showed himself to the followers and apostles 9 times. St. Paul also tells about various gifts that can be gotten from God: curing, fortune telling, wonders, belief, intelligence, wit, spiritual discretion, speaking and understanding of different languages. Besides, there is St. Paul's list of spiritual benefits number nine: quietness, love, kindness, tenderness, honesty, cheer, calmness, benevolence and self-discipline.

In mathematics number nine is the last number in our calculating system. It has all the other numbers included and finishes the one numerical cycle before the next one starts. Biblical numerology has the meaning of completion in common with mathematics. In the Biblical history from Adam to Noah there were nine generations, as well as nine generations after Noah to Abraham. When Abraham got the word from God himself he was 99 years old. Gematria of the word Habram is number nine also. These are the examples of spiritual completion of the number 9.

As number 9 is closely associated with number three due to the multiplication 3x3=9, nine has an influence of Trinity's power. This number refers to balance and progress connected to the active fluency of life.

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