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The Number Seven: Bible Numerology Code

Seven is the number of heavenly perfection as it is shown in the Bible. This is one of the most important numbers. All the creations of God have this number. Number 7 is indispensable in exact sciences, music and culture and it symbolizes perfection.

Rainbow contains 7 colors, octava in music has 7 unique notes and the last one repeated, 7 types of mineral crystals exist as well as 7 periodicity levels on the Periodic table. Due to the presence of number 7 in all working systems nowadays, people all over the world understand that Holy Bible is a guidebook of creations in science and culture.

From the mathematical point of view number 7 can be followed thoroughly in the Bible. It can be found 287 times in the scriptures. 287 = 7x41. The word "one seventh" occurs 98 times in the Bible - 98= 7x14. The word "seven-fold" can also be seen 7 times in the Holy Book. All the numbers above that can be found in the Bible are possible to multiply by 7. When you sum up all the numbers connected to 7 mentioned above you will get an answer close to 7: 8 times a square root of 7.

Number seven is a symbol of a connection between heaven and earth and is often shown in the scriptures: seven churches, seven stars, seven seals, seven dooms, seven trumpets and seven spirits.

Number 7 maybe one of the most associated with divinity among numbers. It mirrors the unity and wholeness of God and the process of creation. Everything that surrounds us was made on the seventh day: nothing erased, nothing added. The excellence was acquired on the seventh day.

On the Atonement day the mercy seat is sprinkled with blood seven times by the priest. It is a symbol of humankind redemption by God. Tabernacle's candlestick has 7 branches and is a symbol of the wholeness of God and his ability to enlighten lives of people. In the book of Revelation, God says about different beatitudes seven times.

As for the science, seven is really important number in human's body - regeneration of the human's cells occurs every seven years. Our heads have 7 holes, 7 bones in neck, ankle, and face.

Number seven is very strong and is always a symbol of wholeness, perfection and unity of heaven and earth.

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