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book, numbers, BibleEvery number that occurs in the Bible has some significance and is symbolic of something. Even in our lives we can experience the relevance of every number. The directions, the geometrical figures are so common to us today. If we try to relate the significance of those numbers in the Bible to our daily lives we can understand a lot more. Also we have the gematria which is the process of assigning numerical values to words. This also reveals a lot of interesting facts about Biblical numerology. Number five is the number of grace. The gematria of the word grace is 725 which is a multiple of five. Sometimes it is also very significant to note the numbers of which a particular number is made up. Number six can be written as 4+2, four is symbolic of God's creation and two denotes man's enmity with God, six shows man's world with enmity with God brought in it. Six can also be written as 5-1 so it represents God's grace made of no effect with man's perversion and corruption. Six can also be 7-1 which shows man is falling short of spiritual perfection. Some words which occur six times are destruction, staff, shame, ungodliness, to change, abomination. If we analyse these words we will come to know that all these words have a similar significance as the number six. There are two numbers which are very important in the study of Biblical numerology and they are seven and forty. Seven is the number of spiritual perfection and forty is the number of probation or trial. Jesus was tempted for forty days and Israelites wandered for forty days. Such instances cannot be denied of being significant.

It is not a very easy task to understand the significance of numbers which occur in the Holy Bible. One needs to show keen interest and try to develop an understanding of the numerology. Biblical numerology charts are of great help and create a better understanding of the importance and relevance of the numbers. The biblical codes or Torah codes are also very essential in the study of Biblical numerology. So if you are genuinely interested in studying the Biblical numerology then you can easily download the Biblical numerology charts from the internet and use them to understand the symbolism of the numbers.

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