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The Number Two: Bible Numerology Code

If number one symbolizes wholeness and domination, number 2 is different. The main idea of number two is to show that all things are absolutely different and can't be included into something one. These things are not contrastingly positive or negative. They open how everything in universe is unique and how it coexists. Number two can have different meanings depending on the surrounding and context. For example: in mathematics two is a basis of any division. The same thing works for humanity, number two symbolizes good and bad in the person, how sin and grace are combined in the one.

On the second day of world creation God made the light. This light was contrasting to the darkness that dominated before, day and night appeared as a symbolic harmony of good and evil. This example clearly states the diverse nature of number two in the Holy Book. We can feel the changeable meaning of number two in the second chapter during the creation of the first man. The influence of number two here not only emphasizes the difference between godlike and human, but also shows the need in human's obedience and leads to the separation of the two.

If we see one more thing in a list, our brain automatically makes an assumption that there are plenty of such things, so they are not unique. As the first sentence in the Bible demonstrates ideality and order, we can't say the same about the second one "And the earth was without form and void". It shows great contrast from divine and perfect to the physical deterioration of the world.

There are twelve sections in Genesis - the first book of the Bible. The first section depicts us the uniqueness and majesty of God and his precisely structured achievements. The second section shows the deviated path the humankind has chosen and the fall from grace. The first disobedience is shown there. Psalms being the second book also tells about the disobedience and enemy.

The book of Psalms itself always emphasizes the force of number two. It is not only the second book of the Holy Bible, but every second Psalm in each one tells us a story of fights with enemies, full of despots and evil in different form. Everyone should have inner sense of harmony with body, mind and spirit. If something one is unbalanced, the individual will feel great discomfort, so spiritual values are as important as mind and body ones.

The phenomenon of second occurrence that is associated with opposition is reflected in the Epistles of the New Testament. If a particular word appears two times in the Holy Book, this word will be connected with some sort of opposition.

When God created the daylight, on the second day of the creation of the world, he separated waters from the land, creating an opposition of liquid and solid. It is a clear demonstration of opposing power of number two, as well as light divided from dark, heaven from the ground and so on.

Generally, number two is represented in the Bible as a symbol of compartment that exists between God and man. Just as the dark and light are divided in the Genesis, the struggle between good and evil can often be found in the Bible. It is a symbol of the obstacles and trials to cope with during the life.

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