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The Number Four: Bible Numerology Code

Biblical numerology is a special section of numerology that studies the importance of numbers in the scriptures. Here we will observe number 4 and its occurrence in the Bible.

This number is associated with God's design and world's order.

In this case Biblical numerology of number 4 consists of 3 and 1 numbers. It is very powerful in meaning, depicting the wholesomeness and power after the revelation of Almighty in the Trinity. The main thing is that number 4 personifies everything that surrounds you, it reflects the creations of God. The universe has four main elements: fire, water, earth, and air. Four sides of the world: east, west, north, south. Four main time classification: morning, noon, evening and midnight. Number 4 follows us everywhere.

Every year has 4 seasons - summer, autumn winter and spring. Moon is divided into 4 phases. The most stable figure square has 4 sides. All these are the examples of God's creations in the first 4 days. On the 5th and 6th days of the Earth-creation all was filled with life.

One of the paragraphs in the Bible tells us a story about a river in paradise that has 4 rises. It is commonly believed in Biblical numerology that it is the reason for number 4 to often mean division. As for the Bible's version of number 4 meaning, it is believed that 4 is unity and integrity, also 4 is a square of number 2 that stands for maturation.

Main gospels of the Bible are Matthew, John, Mark and Luke. The throne of God is surrounded and guarded by 4 beasts, it only empowers the meaning of the 4 in numerology. New Jerusalem has a squared shape and 4 equal sides, the breastplates of the high priests also have been square-shaped.

Twelve stones symbolizing twelve tribes of Israel have number 4 carved on them, also these stones have three rows with 4 stones in each one.

You may find plenty of number 4 mentions in the Bible and scriptures and it will only ensure you of the importance of number 4 in the Biblical numerology. There are more and more people who find Biblical numerology interesting, it only strengthens the faith of people and influences the profound understanding of the Bible.

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