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The Number Five: Bible Numerology Code

Number 5 in Bible Numerology personifies the creation of God. A person has 5 fingers, 5 toes, and 5 main senses. It is the number of God's kindness.

Number 4 stands for the weakness and incapacity and number 5 being 4+1 manifests the strength, added to the weakness and insignificance, given to the human by God's Grace.

There are 5 sacraments in total: Father, Son, Spirit, Creation, and Redemption. However, the creation fell from grace and was cursed and viewed as a subject exposed to conceit. Number 5 is a symbol of the inability and infirmity in a person. This number is one of the main symbols of the fact that humanity needs salvage. Number 5 reflects God's grace that is needed for everyone. Only weak person can reject God's grace.

One of the most popular practices in Numerology is converting letters into numbers, or attaching particular numbers to letters. This process is called gematria. "Earth" as a word has a gematria 296, when this number is reduced we get number 4. The gematria of the word "heaven" is 395, when reduced is 5. Here's an interesting thing the Earth gematria assumes conceit and impotence of a person, and "heaven" gematria signifies God's grace. The word grace in this combination usually refers to a benefaction, mercy, and placability. When the favor is done for a person that doesn't deserve it - this is the case when we speak about grace. God applied to Abram and said that he will have a glorious name. What is the reason of such action? We don't know - it is an example of God's grace.

The name Abram had was changed to Abraham. It is important because God has marked him with his Grace.

The change in this name was because of the including of the fifth letter of the alphabet - h.

The fight of David and Israel's foe Goliath is one of the examples of number 5 symbolizing the power of God. David took 5 smooth stones which are the symbol of human weakness (4) conjoined with Godlike power (1) - 5 stones = 4 as a symbol of weakness and 1 as an enormous power). Only one stone brought the victory to David in this fight.

The fifth Bible's book emphasizes the God's kindness and grace, the main information is that the God had blessed and marked people for His name's sake. Bible also contains a reference to the Stone Kingdom. The Kingdom would become the fifth kingdom after the union of all the dominions of the planet and Stone Kingdom would become one of them, then the chosen one will rule fairly and with honor.

By the examples we can identify that number 5 has an important and quite interesting meaning in the Biblical numerology. Thanks to gematria we know that number 5 is connected with God's grace and proclaims God's glory. The word "grace" should not be read as "value" or "merit". Grace needs no reasons - it has no foregone conclusions and prepossessions.

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